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你着急要吗? 英语怎么说

Do you need it urgently? 相信我,我觉得我的答案是最正确的

Take your time. I am not in a rush. 慢慢来,不着急,我不赶时间。 这样说,应该可以吧?

我不着急 I'm not in a hurry. 例句 I'll need to talk with you, but there's no hurry. 我得和你谈谈,但不着急。

I am extremely anxious. I am really worried. 满意请采纳

worry 英 [ˈwʌri] 美 [ˈwɜ:ri] n. 担心;烦恼,忧虑;撕咬 vi. 担心,焦虑;为…发愁;撕咬 vt. 使烦恼;烦扰;撕咬 词汇难度:高考 / 考研 第三人称单数: worries 现在分词: worrying 过去式: worried 过去分词: worried

I'm not hurry for this file. 最地道的说法

Take it easy. 不要紧,慢慢来。 楼下翻译错误,不地道。

I am in a hurry (==要赶时间) I am quite worried (==担心) (请根据场合使用)

请耐心等待,不要着急。 英文:Please be patient and don't worry。

Take it easy! Don't worry! Don't be upset! Don't be anxious! No need to be in such a hurry! No hurry!

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