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英语高手~~~~~ 翻译问题啦~~~ 帮帮忙啊!!!!!...

this art museum has ever devoted to an architect. 这句不是定语从句,因为这是一个完整的句子什么都不缺。 我认为应该是这样的 Welcome to the largest retrospective exhibit. This art museum has ever devoted to an architect.

想了一下,也许楼主的这句话意译下能更好 When the American rock and Chinese folk music encounter, unprecedented inspiration can also be freed.

Keep life watch each other Uphold centuries-old virtues

With the continuous development of economic globalization, whether developed or developing countries and districts, and small and medium-sized enterprises are world economic an important and active, the mainstay of the developm...

我的眼睛每天盯着电脑,这是真的!我每天不经意就在网络上耗掉六七个小时。网络对于我就如同水、食物和空气那样重要了。 网络为我提供了大量的信息。我就是通过网络了解了罗马历史。用了五年之后,我再也离不开网络了。 我每天早上都在网络上阅...

理论基础 翻译英文 计算机方面翻译成为: theoretical principle; 经济方面翻译成为: theoretical basis ;

The Zhuangzi Yun: " life between heaven and earth , if fleeting , suddenly only.

[abstract] with the overall economic rise and politics stability, people's tourism enthusiasm unprecedented upsurge, tourist motives towards diversification development, tourism worldwide vigorous development. While China is du...


Starry Night maybe the most famous work of Vincent van Gogh .On the left side of the picture is a cypress .A buring cypress. There are stars in the sky. The small town was under an uneasy atmosphere. If you can understand the s...

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