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同义句转换在线翻译器 :可选中1个或多个下面的关键词,搜索相关资料.也可直接点“搜索资料”搜索整个问题 英语同义句在线转换器 :姐妹情谊在女权主义和批判主义中是个基本的原则姐妹情谊在


第一个空 took ,第二个空 place,就是这个答案啦!

a good school year

1.she is one of the best singers.1.is strict with us.2.is aware of his mistake3.prefer hot tea4.give you some power5.have stayed here for a long time.1.share the difficulties with2.write back to you ,because there is too much homework to do.3. sure that he doesn't want to write to you again.

I have something important to tell you.Studying English is more difficult than studying Chinese.Summer in GuangZhou is much hotter than summer in Beijing.I don't think swimming is as dangerous as diving.I think mathematics is the most difficult out

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