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l watch TV three time at least

at last,we won the game.最后,我们赢了比赛


They do the same thing at the same time 他们在同一时间做同一件事情

1.You should go at least once. 【翻译】:你至少应该去一次.2.I resolved to visit my grandmother at least once a year. 【翻译】:我决定每年至少要去看望祖母一次.3.At least it should be. 【翻译】:至少应该是极少的.4.At least, not yet. 【翻

I am at home 我在家.

at last finally; in the end最后;最终*At last they climbed over the mountain.他们终于翻过了这座大山.

at three/three o'clock 在三点 at a quarter to six 六点差一刻 at noon 在中午,at night 在夜晚 at midnight 在半夜 at breakfast/lunch/supper 在吃早饭/午饭/晚饭时 at this time of

At present many units are overstaffed.现在很多单位人浮于事.(人手过多)

we swam at noon

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