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he finished the homework by himself 他独自完成了作业

She cares only for herself.她只关心她自己.She defended herself from the attack.她保护自己以免遭受袭击.希望帮助到你,若有疑问,可以追问~~~ 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)

To know whether it is cold or warm byoneself冷暖自知 One can' t enjoyoneself if one is too tired. 一个人如果太累了,就不会玩得尽兴.I teach oneself for math well.我教自己的数学很好.I help oneself to cook the meals for dinner.我帮自己做饭吃晚饭.

1、HERSELF Barbara stared at herself in the mirror. 芭芭拉凝视着镜中的自己. She does not believe it herself. 她本人都不相信这事.2、HIMSELF His new house was built by himself, brick by brick.他的新房子是他自己一块砖一块砖砌起来的.He taught himself the alphabet of biology.他自学了生物学的基础知识.

He made himself unpopular by being so pushy.他特别喜欢出风头, 所以人缘不好.I don't know why, for I always thought that town a mighty pushy, impudent sort of place.我也不懂为什么,因为照我看起来,那个城市是十分好动的,而且鲁莽.He

by himself 英[bai himself] 美[ba hmslf] 他独自地,他独立地 [例句]He made his first push-pins by himself.

is able to..

顺便再补充一下,这种很容易造句的 比如translate和interpret一个是书面翻译一个是口头翻译 notorious和famous 一个是贬义的著名 一个是褒义的著名 这些很容易作为素材造句distinguish 另外一种就是nurture和nuture,形似,意思正好相反,一个是后天养成一个是与生俱来 也是另外一种方向的素材

1. He distinguished himself by his courage. 他因英勇而扬名. 2. The twins were so much alike that it was impossible to distinguish one from the other. 这对孪生子像得使人无法分辨. 3. She distinguished herself by her coolness and bravery. 她因头脑冷静、敢作敢为而为人称道. 4. Speeches distinguish human beings from animals. 人类和动物的区别在于人会说话.

he can do it by himself.他可以自己做.

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