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TFBOYS is a Chinese men's singing group launched by Beijing Times Fengjun Company on August 6,2013。 TFBOYS是由北京时代峰峻公司于2013年8月6日推出的中国男子演唱组合。 It is composed of three members: Wang Junkai,Wang Yuan and ...

==英文介绍 LZ一看就是文化人 Beijing peak times strict culture art development co., LTDThrough out its TF family of outstanding trainee, in summer 2013 launch a new young idol group -- TFBOYS.TFBOYS meaning is: The Fighting Boys...

Let people know and remember them, and accumulated a lot of fans, therefore, the power of new biochemical in be unstoppable.I've always liked a combination, they have a resounding name - tfboys, Thefighting is the abbreviation ...

tfboys英文介绍 Tfboys introduction in English tfboys英文介绍 Tfboys introduction in English

Are you trying to kid, we will support you,Iove tfboys.中文:你们都是努力的孩子,我们都会支持你,我爱你tfboys。 如果还有疑问,就请追问哦,家人~

because they are called boy of digging shit.

exceedingly unfashionable pastime in every part of our nation. It needs no prophet to tell you that when the people find that they can get their money -- that they can get it when they want it for all legitimate purposes -- the...

有一种正太组合叫tfboys,有一种心动叫heart,有一种幸福叫爱出发。 “妈咪,3-1=?”“0氨“为什么呀?”“因为三小只少一个也不行啊1 如果你愿意一层一层剥开我的心你会发现你发讶异里面全是TF! tfboys你们只负责发光,流言蜚语四叶草来挡 一个十年...

剩下的盛夏 Remaining Midsummer

 原唱: TFBOYS (Rap Feat.CUG)

 蝉鸣是窗外渐渐倒数的钟声 Buzz of cicada is bell tolls counting backwards


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