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SArA BArEillEs議ゞGrAvity〃 梧簡

梧爆兆:Gravity梧返:Sara Bareilles廨辞:Little VoiceGravitySara BareillesCareful ConfessionsGravitySara BareillesSomething always brings me back to you.It never takes too long.No matter what I say or doI'll still feel you here 'til the moment I'm

嶄猟: 低御盆厘繍遊償壓邦戦,柵簾氏厚紗否叟.徽並糞貧柵簾延誼厚紗是佃.厘封崛岑祇葎厘嬉尖塁徨,宸音嬬載酔心欺. 泌惚壓低議屶塘和厘氏湖欺互佶If I'm happy in your hands 厘旺音将械岐岐仇蹄篇彭椎匯嫖嫖易崕 涙隈傍賠 低範葎宸劔載

功象云繁議鍬咎邦峠,哘乎頁:Gravity(仇伉哈薦,状誼^嶷薦 ̄宸倖吭房音湊俳籾)Something always brings me back to you. 悳嗤叫廉嬬委厘揮指低附円 It never takes too long. 宸貫栖音喘雑載海扮寂 No matter what I say or do I'll still feel you

Gravity 仇伉哈薦 Lyrics(interpreted by Lucy Young)叙弩Cate Blanchett才Lady B.GravitySara BareillesSomething always brings me back to you.頁焚担悳繍厘揮指欺低附円It never takes too long.貫栖音俶勣湊消No matter what I say or do音胎厘傍

梧爆兆:Gravity梧返:m.o.e.v 恬簡:舞念恬爆:舞念窟佩扮寂:2010定廨辞:らき℃すた ミュジックフェア 梧簡:Save my love すぐにSave your dream with your dance書匚だけ 盾き慧たれるPARADISE冥してるboyyou are my gravity

梧爆兆:Gravity梧返:M.O.V.E廨辞:Anim.O.V.E Best仝Gravity々恬簡|舞念 rap簡:yura & motsu恬爆|舞念梧|m.o.v.eAh yeah! Gravityfeel the power!Save my love すぐにSave your dream with your dance書匚だけ 盾き慧たれる

梧爆兆:Uncharted 梧返:Sara Bareilles廨辞:iTunes Live from SoHoSara Bareilles - UnchartedNo wordsBut tears won't make any room for moreAnd it don't hurt like anything I've ever felt beforeThis is no broken heartNo familiar scarsThis territory

梧爆兆:Vegas梧返:Sara Bareilles廨辞:Between The Lines: Sara Bareilles Live At The FillmoremidnightPumpkin - VEGAby 咤徨 - Q:29385422もしもこの腎が屈つに護れたら宸頭爺腎泌惚瓜蛍撹阻曾磯佛の方ほどのが吝れるね訊殿送竃議

Gravity 仇伉哈薦Is working against me屎壓斤森厘And gravity 仇伉哈薦Wants to bring me down 理夕韮哈厘和弭Whoa I'll never know 填厘繍喟垓涙隈尖盾What makes this man 頁焚担斑宸倖With all the loveThat his heart can stand 啜嗤彭麿附伉侭

梧爆兆:Fairytale梧返:Sara Bareilles廨辞:Careful ConfessionsFairytaleSara BareillesCinderella's on her bedroom floor She's got a Crush on the guy at the liquor store Cause Mr. Charming don't come home anymore And she forgets why she

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