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Aunt,put it in.是什么意思

aunt,put it in.直译为“姑姑,把它放进去”。 例句: 1、He picked up the photocopy by one corner and put it in his wallet. 他拈着影印件的一角把它拿起来,放进了自己的钱包。 2、She'd actually taken it home and she put it in this jar...

阿姨,把它放进去 aunt [英]ɑ:nt [美]ænt n. 阿姨;姨母,姑妈;舅妈;婶娘 [例句]The aunt went to church every sunday. 姑妈每个星期天都去教堂。

aunt put it in 阿姨把它放在 例句 The aunt examined the paper, turned it about in all directions, then put it back in its case. 姑奶奶拿着那张纸颠来倒去,仔细研究,继又把它放回匣子里。

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