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Be动词 同谓语 定语从句 状语从句 就这些了

what are you good at?

be good at 意思是“擅长于……”,后跟名词、代词或动词ing形式.be 随着人称和时态的变化而变化.如:1. He is good at English . 他擅长英语.2. She is good at singing . 她擅长唱歌.3. They are good at playing basketball . 他们擅长打篮球.4. Jim was good at drawing when he was ten years old. 吉姆十岁时擅长画画.5. Lily's favourite subject is maths and she is good at it .李利最喜欢的科目是数学,她很擅长它.

加reading,1.这是固定的短语,be good at doing 在某方面擅长2.从语法上讲at是介词,后面接动词应用ing形式

应该是A吧!A at

be good at是个词组缉哗光狙叱缴癸斜含铆,不能说它的词性,拆开说可以,be是系动词,good是形容词,at是介词

I.重点句型Good morning/afternoon/evening. Good morning/afternoon/evening.How are you? I'm fine,/OK,thanks. Fine,thanks.What's this in English? It's a map. It's V.Spell it please. K-E-Y.What color is it/the key? It's blue. The key is yellow.

be good at doing sth 在做的好

(一)加-ingenjoy / like doing sth 喜欢做---- spend.(in) doing sth 在做---花费--- try 感到惊讶 be excited about对.感到兴奋be filled with用.充满 be full of充满.的be good at =

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