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BE gooD For同意词

benefit to

be good for基本翻译有益于;对…有好处有益于基本翻译be beneficial to

be helpful for be benefitial to

be good at 的意思是:擅长 在方面做得好 ,其同义短语 为 do well in 手工翻译,尊重劳动,欢迎提问,感谢采纳、给与好评!~

be good to

对……有益处e.g. Doing exercise is good for our health.锻炼对我们的健康有益处.比较:be good to sb. =be kind/friendly to sb. 对某人友好 be good at (doing) sth.擅长于(做)某事


be good for的反义词:be bad for 对…不利;对…有害be good for 英[bi: ud f:] 美[bi d fr] v. 值得,有效; 利于; [例句]They argued all the time and thought it couldn't be good for the baby他们一直在争论,认为这对孩子肯定不好.

be good to 对…好;对…很慈善

你好 be good at 是擅长的意思 同义的词组如下 be skilled in; be dead on; be clever at; excel in/at

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