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holD out同义短语

hold out1. 伸出;拿出:例句: They all held out their hands to welcome me.他们全都伸出双手欢迎我.Martha held out a cheongsam for us to look.玛莎拿出一件中国旗袍展示给我们看.2. 提出,提供;抱有(希望等):例句: When talking about

最佳答案 hold back 1.有所保留 2.阻碍进步. 3.抑制自己. hold back valuable information; hold back my tears. hold on 1.用力抓住;坚持. 2.继续,坚持. 3.等待 hold out 1.到现在或可得到的东西. 2.持续供应 Our food is

1.hold up v. 举起,阻挡,耽搁,支撑,抢劫,使停顿,举出 例句与用法:Managed to hold up under the daily stress. 想办法应付每天的生活压力 I decided to hold up on the news until he was sure of it. 我决定暂缓发布消息,直到我确信准确无误.

hold on 是坚持住,握住不放的意思 而hold out 是维持住,坚持要求和意见,不屈服的意思 hold on当坚持 they managed to hold on until help arrived.他们设法坚持住直到有救援到来.hold out 当坚持意见用 doctors hold out little hope of her recovering.医生帮助她康复的希望甚微

hold[hEuld]n.把握, 把持力, 柄, 控制, 监禁, 掌握, 货舱vt.拿着, 保存, 支持, 占据, 持有, 拥有vi.支持, 保持, 有效n.习惯用语: 控制, 保留hold court接受朝拜;接待成批的崇拜者hold good有效hold hands (with)握手Hold it!不要动

1. hold back 有所保留,阻碍进步,抑制自己. 例如:hold back valuable information; hold back my tears.2. hold on 用力抓住;坚持,继续,坚持,等待 3. hold out 到现在或可得到的东西. 持续供应 Our food is holding out nicely. 继续抵抗 The

hold out 是倔强不屈的那种坚持 或者是伸出什么汉语意思相近 但在英语里 用法有明显区别记住就可以了 你以后也这么用 疼痛难忍就是hold uphold up是支撑 支持 延时的那种坚持

1. hold on是坚持住,握住不放的意思;hold out 是维持住的,坚持要求和意见,不屈服的意思.Hold on句子:These nuts and bolts hold the wheels on. 这些螺帽和螺栓把轮子固定住了.2. Hold out句子:We can stay here for as long as our

及物动词 vt. 1. 握着;抓住;夹住 He held a knife in his hand. 他手里握着一把刀. 2. 托住;支承 The roof was held up by pillars. 屋顶由柱子支撑着. 3. 使保持某种姿态等[O] She held herself erect. 她把身子挺直. 4. 拘留,扣留 The highjackers

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