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i Am AFrAiD to造句

I am afaid of you. I am afraid that I can't go with you.I am afraid to meet him.I am afraid of being late for school.I am afraid that he couldn't have done that.

Shop in small local markets and don't be afraid to bargain.在当地的小店购物,不要害怕砍价.be afraid to 是一个词组 verb.害怕的意思

I am afraid to walk in the dark.我害怕在晚上走路

be afraid to do sth 害怕做某事,不敢做某事.eg. The girls are afraid to climb trees. 女孩子害怕爬树.

I am afraid to go home.我怕回家.I am afraid of dog.我怕狗.I am afraid so.恐怕如此.

I am afraid to see the snakes.

My little brother is afraid to stay home alone.我的小弟弟害怕自己一个人在家.

I'm afraid to make mistakes

你好!1.“害怕”,与of连用.I am afraid of snakes.我怕蛇2.“担心”“恐怕”.后接从句.I am afraid that I can't go with you.恐怕我不能跟你走打字不易,采纳哦!

I am afraid to cook the meal.我害怕做饭

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