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lots oF造句简单

They have lots of apples.

解答:答案不唯一,以下句子供您参考:(1)There are lots of pear trees near the house.屋子近旁种着许多梨树.(2)Come on over,we've got lots of the old gang here.过来吧,好多老朋友都在这儿.【希望我的回答对您有所帮助哦 ^_^】

Lots of students ran out to see what had happened

句型:There are 下面的例子 in the yard.可数:lots of trees lots of dogs lots of cats lots of cars lots of cups 不可数:lots of meat lots of water lots of vegetable lots of paper lots of snow

(1)lots of和a lot of可以当做定语,即当做many或much那样来使用.因此,谓语动词的数不是依据lot和lots来决定,而是依据of所引导的名词的数来决定,如:A lot of time has been wasted.有许多时间给浪费掉了.(a lot of=much)A lot of people

I had some books to give you when you left.How many bookS are there?she aways goes out with much money.there are lots of (a lot of)things waiting me to solve.much修饰不可数名词,many修饰可数名词.some 两者都行 a lot of==lots of

much:adv. 非常,很adj. 大量的n. 许多,大量pron. 许多,大量She spends too much on clothes.她在衣服上面花钱太多.Could you tell me how much it is?您能告诉我这个的价格是多少吗?He thinks too much about himself.他为自己考虑得太多了

AB都是错的Lots of 后面跟不可数名词,teacher可数当然如果一定要选,选Teachers

My Mom has lots of dressesMy Dad has lots of shirtsMy younger brother has lots of toys

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