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都是演讲之意,但是具体意思有不同: have/take a speech:【听别人】演讲 deliver/make/give a speech :【给别人】演讲

基本没有看到用to 的,同时for也可以后接目的 i'm very glad to stand here to make a speech for you How to Make a Speech Outline for Kids make a speech for conservation

make a speech 是指为一次演讲做准备,里面一定会包括很多事情,也不是一次性就能完成的.而give a speech就指那一次演讲,强调那个演讲过程,不就是一次性的吗,演讲完了就完了.

make a speech [英][meik ə spi:tʃ][美][mek e spitʃ] 演讲; 致辞; 讲演; The issue of inequality prompted ben bernanke, the federal reserve chairman, to make a speech on february 6th calling for improvements in educa...

make a speech可以变复数,复数形式为make speeches make a speech:演讲;发表演讲;发表演说 例句: 1.He rose to the dignified platform and began to make a speech . 他登上尊严的讲台,开始讲演。 2.You know, it's not really required o...

你好,很高兴为你解答 都是演讲之意,但是具体意思有不同: have/take a speech:【听别人】演讲 deliver/make a speech :【给别人】演讲 希望对你有帮助

make a speech 英[meik ə spi:tʃ] 美[mek e spitʃ] 演讲;致辞;讲演

please prepare a___ speech for the meetingA,five minutes B ,five minute's C,five-minutes D,five minutes'please prepare a___ speech for the...

Ladies and gentlemen,I am glad to give you a speech about stress , yes , just the topic you see on the screen. It's wildly acknowledged that stress comes from many aspects in our daily life,including financial problems , poor...

How to make a public speech there are several vital factors when it comes to make a public speech. 当我们准备公共演讲时要考虑许多因素 First of all,wo should consider the content of the speech,what things do you want to talk abo...

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