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Where is my new shirt?

Where is my white shirt?

1. That is a new T-shirt. 那是一件新的衣服。 2. Look at my yellow shirt. 看看我的黄衣服。 3. Mike, this is for you. 迈克, 这是给你的。 4. This is my brother. 这是我哥哥 / 弟弟。

This is not my T–shirt. 这不是我的T恤衫。

This is my red t-shirt . 你好,本题以解答,如果满意,请点右下角“采纳答案”,支持一下。

green、T-shirt、what、a、about 连词成句: What about a green T-shirt?

Look at friend's skirt This T-shirt is pretty. how much are these gloves? How do you like this skirt? The sunglasses are cheap.

How much is this black T-shirt? 意思:这件黑色的T恤多少钱? 请采纳支持

1 There is a bookstore near here 有一间书店在附近 2 This kind of shirt sells well 这款衬衣卖得很好 3 They are talking about the news 他们正在谈论关于那个新闻 4 How much is ticket to the Central Park 去中央公园的门票多少钱? 5 T...

shirt,on,your,put,please连词成句为: Please put on your shirt.请穿上你的衬衣。 put on [pʊt ɒn],穿上;上演;增加;假装;使…上常

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