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police [英][p'li:s][美][plis] n.警察部门;警方;警察;治安 vt.(警察、军队等)巡查;维护治安;(委员会等)监督;管制 adj.警察的;有关警察的 第三人称单数: polices 过去式: policed 过去分词: policed 现在分词: policing 双语例句1

a. A body of persons making up such a department. Informal A group that admonishes.5,police n. pl. a. The cleaning of a military base or other military area: Police of the barracks must be completed before inspection.b. The soldiers assigned to a

单:Police是警察的意思 Policemana是男警 Policewoman是女警 希望采纳

The police artist is a policeman who made a composite picture of the suspects.警察拼图师就是警察队伍里负责画犯罪嫌疑人拼图的警务人员.

police officer是警察的意思


“警察”英语police读法: 英 [p'lis] 美 [p'lis] 释义:1、n. 警察,警方;治安2、vt. 监督;管辖;维持治安;为…配备警察3、adj. 警察的;有关警察的例句:1、There are many police out now.现在有许多警察在外面值勤.2、He dodged



警察也可叫做cop,officer看场合而定,police n. pl. police 1. The governmental department charged with the regulation and control of the affairs of a community, now chiefly the department established to maintain order, enforce the law, and prevent

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