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歌词内容: In my dreams我的梦里 I feel your light有你的光芒 I feel love is born again爱再次绽放 Fireflies萤火虫 In the moonlight在月光里 Rising stars如闪烁的繁星 Remember还记得吗 The day在那一天 I fell in love with you我迷恋上...

Take me hand - Cecile Corbel 牵我的手 — 塞西尔 柯贝尔 In my dreams 在我梦里 I feel your light 我感觉到你的光 I feel love is born again 我感觉爱火重燃 Fireflies 萤火虫 In the moonlight 在月光下 Rising stars 明日之星 Remember 记...

歌曲名:Take My Hand 歌手:Frederick Knight 专辑:The Birmingham Sound; The Soul of Neal Hemphill Vol. 2 Take Me Away(我走) I cannot find a way To describe it Its there Inside All I do is hide I wish That it Would just go away Wha...

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