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why Don't you Do sth和why not Do sth分别属于英...

why don't you do Sth.主语谓语宾语why状语(原因状语=for what reason). why not do sth是 why do not you do sth'的省略,句型一样。只是省略了do ,you,

这两个句型意思基本相同,一般可以替换: why not do sth 为什么不做某事呢?表示建议,提议做某事。 Why don't sb do sth 某人为什么不做某事呢?也表示建议、提议。只是第二个表达里面出现了应该接受建议的人或主体。例如: Why not go out fo...

两者都表示建议,区别在于: 1. why not 后面加动词原形,构成Why not do sth.? (为何不……呢?),例如: Why not try again? 为何不再试一下? The opportunity is there. Why not seize it? 机会就在那儿,为什么不抓住它? 2. why do not 后...

why not后面要跟动词原型. why not+do sth 为什么不去做某事..通常用于向别人提建议.. 例子:why not go for a walk?为什么不出去走走呢?

why not do sth=why don't you do sth,表示建议的,为什么你不...... 相信我,我是老师

let's / how about

Why not do sth = Why don't you do sth 1、你为什么不。。。(?) 2、你。。。怎么样?(表示提议、劝诱) Why don't you introduce her to your parents? 你为什么不介绍她给你父母? Why not come and see me tomorrow? 明天来找我怎么样(好...

是why not do sth=why don't you do sth.

why not后接动词原形

Why not go to play tennis? Why not play football with us? Why not come with us to play basketball? why not play sports with us? why not learn to play tennis?

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